We make health and fitness simple and personalized for you, because we understand having the right program that fits in your life is the difference between wanting a healthy body and having your healthy body.

Life can be busy, and there is too much health information to know what is right. We see some people struggle for months, or even years with nutrition or exercise plans that were never right for their body OR that didn't fit their life. 

We developed an innovative system of personal training called 'Health Fitness.' 99% of all exercise programs push exercise strain and restrictive dieting. Instead of creating better health, which then creates a better body.

Exercise that prioritizes strain knocks your body out of it's 'healthy zone,' where it can recover to see results, and into the 'stressed zone,' where it will only try to get healthy again. Your metabolism slows, day to day your energy drops, and your body starts atrophying your muscles to use as energy.

In short, as soon as you enter the 'stress zone', your exercise and diet won't work or will work temporarily until your body rebounds. 


'Health Fitness' gets consistent reliable results. We tailor this for your body and we simplify it to fit into your life!

From Jesse 



Jesse has been a miracle in two different ways.

First, he has given me the best body I've ever had and yet we managed to do it without heavy crushing weights.


 I used to think the only way to get a good body was to have a workout where you lifted heavy weight, ran like Heck on the treadmill and were exhausted for hours afterward.


Yet Jesse has me looking symmetrical and strong and our workouts are pleasurable fun and not a strain at all.


Secondly, he changed something the doctors told me was impossible. Ever since I was a kid my toes have been pointed out very much like penguin feet. I was told that I was born this way and doctors even put braces on my legs when I was a kid to correct it, but it didn't work. When I met Jesse, he pointed out that my feet were out of alignment and I said, well I'm just built that way. Doctors have told me this. The podiatrist told me I just needed to get inserts into my shoes. It's the only way to correct it. Well Jesse said they were all wrong within just a few workouts by doing some postural alignment exercises. He now has my feet pointing straight and I'm walking normally for the first time in my life.

What doctors said was impossible, what podiatrists told me would require costly inserts for my shoes. Jesse fixed purely through alignment exercises.  

He is amazing.

-Mike M

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Healthy Fitness VS Stress Fitness

The difference between a fitness approach that prioritizes health versus a traditional fitness approach that prioritizes strain is how long you stay in shape.


The healthier you are, the better shape you will stay in. The unhealthier you are, the more your weight and body will yo-yo up and down.

This 'yo-yo' happens for a variety of reasons (we would need to assess you to tell you your reason) but the most common reason is because your body is stressed by something.


Once it's stressed, it's immediate response is to use its resources to heal you, not to lose fat or gain muscle.

Stressors are your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Most fitness and nutrition programs focus on creating more stress, fatigue, and restriction. 


We focus on what creates the least stress to get you to your dream body. 

We use personalized nutrition and exercise to get you in shape AND take stress off your body when possible!

We use exercises that you enjoy, release tension from your body, and correct your posture. Foods that give you energy and make you feel good!


Over my 15-year-career, I've observed that 'Stress Fitness' has molded the way most of us think about getting in shape, and even getting healthier.


Pushing hard will only get you to your goals if you understand the balance of health versus stress. 


We simplify health. We don't waste extra time or energy on unneeded stress. We only offer plans that work and get results with real people with real lives.


We get results for clients that have tried everything

We approach fitness differently!

We can assist you to get real life results no matter your age, health condition, body type, or work schedule.